betaBEATS Episode: jimm’s Big 30 BDAY BASH! 

Hey everyone, we are a little late with the music being setup, because we are all having a great time at the Render Studios. Tonight it will be an open decks music schedule with artists Koolaid, Bowser, Hitekhippy, jimm and a few others as the night goes on. Thanks everyone for a great year and season 3 of betaBEATS will officially begin in Nov of this year. Stay Tuned!

betaBEATS 2 Year Anniversary: Season 3 Commence! 

Nov 10th at 7PM / 0 notes

Hey everyone, season 3 is starting up for betaBEATS as we celebrate 2 years of being on the internet and broadcasting this EDM radio show from the Render Studios. Tonight we will be having 6 artists playing to help start off season 3. In the studio we have Orbmunk, Koolaid, James Crews, Micah, Agent Cooper, and jimm laying down some sick new tunes for you all. The show starts at 5pm so don’t miss out!

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betaBEATS Episode: We’re Back!!! 

Sep 29th at 8PM / 0 notes

Thanks for tuning in, tonight we will be having the Render Crew in the studio to bring back betaBEATS proper and get things started for Season 3 to hit in November. You will be seeing Agent Cooper, Filthy Sweet, Toucha, and jimm bringing you some sick styles and killer beats on this fine Saturday evening. The show will be starting around 6pm, dont miss out!

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Site Update Coming Soon to betaBEATS 

Sep 29th at 8PM / 0 notes

BetaBEATS is coming back to the airwaves and we will be updating to look and function for the website here soon. Render Productions has been extremely busy this summer setting up quality events throughout the Northwest. Both Escape Civilization and Tech Trek went off with huge success this year and now we are preparing for an upcoming annual Halloween Event. Be sure to check out this site for more updates on the events and also check out Render’s Facebook page for more details. Thank you again for your support and we are excited to be back on betaBEATS!

betaBEATS Episode: Last Thursday 

Jun 28th at 7PM / 0 notes

betaBEATS has been on a small break while we get ready for Escape Civilization and Tech Trek 2012. Today is a special show with a live stream from the streets of Alberta for LAST THURSDAYS! Enjoy the sick beats brought to you by Grimes, Romo, Sappho, Perfect Cyn, XX and jimm. If you can’t make it out here to NE 16th Ave & Alberta, stay home and enjoy the show!

4-5 Grimes

5-6 Romo

6-7 Sappho

7-8 Perfect Cyn

8-9 xx

9-close jimm

betaBEATS Episode: fun in the sun 

Apr 21st at 7PM / 0 notes

It’s a beautiful day today, so we are having BBQ at the render studio and enjoying the sun while we can. Tonight we have LAND, Jakob, Cloudkicker, jimm, travismode, and one of Portland’s favorite’s Mario Maroto. Enjoy the beats and if you know the address, head on over!

betaBEATS Episode: tech to the max! 

Apr 14th at 7PM / 0 notes

Hey everyone, tonight we have a special guest, Maximus will be playing a 2 hour set and will be playing along side fellow tech artists: jimm, LAND, J Crews, OrbMunk, and Clokwork. Don’t miss out, should be a killer show… Starts at 5pm!



betaBEATS Episode: keep on moving… 

Apr 7th at 7PM / 0 notes

Tonight we have Orbmunk, Land, nicodemus, J Crews, clokwork, Jakob, and jimm playing some sick beats at the Render Studio. Check it out live starting at 6 pm.

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betaBEATS Episode: rain go away! 

Mar 31st at 8PM / 0 notes

Tonight we have clokwork, j crews, nOltrOn, jimm, koolaid, and pipedream throwing down some sick new sets. Stay tuned, starts at 5pm!

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betaBEATS Episode: the machinists 

Mar 24th at 6PM / 0 notes

Tonight we have Clok Work, Jakob, koolaid, lil roj, OrbMunk, and jimm throwing down some killer tracks. The show goes live at 4pm, stay tuned!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4